glosar de termeni     

COLLECT: Accumulate or assemble, gather, harvest, reap, amass, hoard, save, round up, pile up, squirrel away, compile, congregate, flock, group, muster, convene, meet, cluster.

COLLECTION: Accumulation, mass, group, assortment, assembly, pile, gathering, stockpile, store, hoard, cluster, congregation, aggregation, compilation, anthology, hodgepodge.

CREDIT: Belief, trust, faith, honesty, credibility, praise, attribute, notice, commendation, debt on account, deferred payment, charge, time, installment plan.

DEBT: Obligation, liability, bill, debit, arrears, deficit, pledge, due, burden, red ink

DEFAULT: Shirk, welsh, fail, stiff, skip out, run out on, dodge.

DUNNING: Letters that are sent from the collection agency on behalf of the creditor.

FORWARDING: The process of transferring a debtor's account from one collection agency to another agency in a different part of the country. Forwarding occurs when an agency is not licensed to do business in the state where a debtor is located.

MONEY: Currency, legal tender, cash, bucks, dough, bread, medium of exchange, was, loot, scratch, wampum, coin, specie, tal, riches.

PAY: Remit, compensate, disburse, settle, cough up, foot the bill, spend, expend, shell out, fork over, pick up the tab, contribute, bankroll, finance.

SKIP: Hop, spring, leap, caper, romp, jump, cavort, gambol, prance, frisk, bounce, overlook, pass over, omit, exclude, leave out, forget about, disregard, never mind, ignore.

SKIPTRACING: A method the collection agency uses to find debtors who have moved or can no longer be reached at their billing addresses or phone numbers.