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Founded in February 2004, Saga Collection is a firm specialized in commercial debt retrieval.

SAGA Collection designs and develops customized collective programs to best fit and serve the needs of each account.

At SAGA Collection, we believe that each client and its needs are unique. We approach each case with an open-mind and a strong resolution to find and implement the best recovery solutions.

We turn your bad debt into profit in amiable ways. Negotiation is our golden rule and all our services are in keeping with the current legal framework, transparent, and result-oriented.

The greatest asset of SAGA Collection and the secret of its success is the team of highly trained and experienced collection and credit professionals. With a straightforward and professional approach to debt collection, we can turn your bad debt into profit, without affecting your image. Our activity is based on strong values and work ethic: rule of law, confidentiality, transparency, flexibility and imagination.