At SAGA Collection, we believe that each client and its needs are unique. We approach each case with an open-mind and a strong resolution to find the best recovery solutions.

The standard debt collection process implies the following actions:

  • the analysis of the debtor’s file; this must contain the contract between the debtor and the client, issued and unpaid bills, potential unpayed commitments, as well as contestations issued by the debtor, and any further relevant data;

  • the informing of the client about the possibility of recovering the debt;

  • the periodical status reports on the accounts;

  • the attempt to amiably obtain a payment commitment and its fulfillment trough wtitten letters and phone contacts;

  • in case the debt cannot be recovered amiably, the client is informed about the legal proceedings, and the agency waits for the client’s clearance and authorization.


Our rates and fees are negotiated on a project-to-project basis, depending on various factors such as: placement volume, account age and balance size, prior handling, agency exclusivity.

We believe that the project-tailored rates enable our clients to control costs and maximize their profit.